UFO: Fantasy or Reality?

Delve into the intriguing enigma of unidentified flying objects as we provide preliminary remarks on this phenomenon, and ponder the fundamental question: What, indeed, are UFOs in reality?


“I don’t want to believe. I want to know.” – Carl Sagan


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1. UFO Mystery and Alien Contact: Fantasy or Reality? – Alien Realities or Cosmic Illusions? Embark on a Journey to the Unknown; 


2. Alien Contact: Classification of Encounter Types – Journey Through UFO Encounters; From Sightings to Abductions, The Allen Hynek Classification;


3. UFO Mystery: A real and yet unexplained phenomenon. What are they really?


UFO Mystery and Alien Contact

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1. UFO Mystery: fantasy or reality?


Perhaps, the most intriguing aspect of the UFO enigma is whether the existence of alien forces or UFOs is determined by the metaphysical needs of those inhabiting planet Earth, who occasionally think and somehow create them, or if they truly exist.


It is not known – officially – whether there have been any contacts or if encounters with different forms of life from beyond Earth, our planet, or our solar system have ever actually occurred. Or perhaps, life forms coming from other dimensions? Who can say?

See article: Other dimensions explained: Hyperspace.

The issue of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) is an extremely intricate and complex enigma. Even though these objects are indeed unidentified, it does not necessarily mean that they are alien spacecraft, and at the same time, it does not mean that they are anything else either. These are phenomena that clearly elude – and this can be quite destabilizing for some – our ability to rationalize the world around us, and this puts us in a crisis because, in some way, rationalism is for us a security formula.

As we have seen in the previous article, today – this is undeniable – we know very well that UFO phenomena are real, encompass a vast and extremely intricate phenomenology, and are linked to a whole series of manifestations, events, and circumstances that cannot be explained by the categories of current science.

However, as is the case with all great mysteries, a rich body of literature, a unique line of thought, and an esoteric and occult knowledge related to ufology and alienology would emerge. Yet, this knowledge would remain exclusive domain of secretive circles that conceal it from the masses.

Within these circles (the Freemasons?), UFO manifestations and the presence of aliens would be considered commonplace. There would be individuals who claim to have contact with different life forms, almost as if there were genuine embassies and communications between worlds, but this knowledge would remain the exclusive domain of these narrow elites.

In the ever-elusive UFO enigma, can we definitively discern between fantasy and reality, or is it a question that will forever remain unanswered?


Serie: Alien Contact

UFO Mystery and Alien Contact

80 UFO Models Based on Actual Sightings



2. UFO Mystery and Alien Contact: Classification of Encounter Types


UFOs have been the subject of government and independent studies of virtually all kinds for a long time. In fact, as far back as the 1940s, the renowned ufologist Allen Hynek classified various possible encounters with this type of phenomenon.

The ufological reality encompasses sightings, landings, astral journeys, various types of communications, including telepathic, actual encounters with living entities apparently connected to the UFO phenomenon, and even incidents considered as abductions.


Allen Hynek, an astronomer, professor, and ufologist, classified the various possible “alien contact” with this type of phenomenon as follows:


  1. Close Encounter of the First Kind: sighting of an unidentified flying object.
  1. Close Encounters of the Second Kind: observation of a UFO at close range, generally accompanied by physical effects on the surrounding area, such as disruptions in electrical power, heat or radiation traces, ground damage, human paralysis, etc.
  1. Close Encounter of the Third Kind: observation of animated beings associated with a UFO sighting.

UFO researcher Ted Bloecher subsequently proposed seven subtypes for Close Encounters of the Third Kind in Hynek’s scale:

A: An entity is observed only inside the UFO;


B: An entity is observed inside and outside the UFO;


C: An entity is observed near the UFO, without entering or exiting;

D: An entity is observed. No UFO is seen by the observer, but UFO activity has been reported in the area simultaneously;

E: An entity is observed. No UFO is seen by the observer, and no UFO activity is reported in the area at the same time;

F: No entity or UFO is observed, but the subject experiences some form of “intelligent communication”;

G: Abduction (the same as in Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind).


  1. Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind: A human is abducted by a UFO or its occupants (This type is not part of Hynek’s original Close Encounters scale but was introduced by ufologist Jacques Vallée).
  1. Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind: Bilateral encounters initiated through conscious, voluntary, and active human initiatives or through cooperative communication with extraterrestrial intelligences.
  1. Close Encounter of the Sixth Kind: Contacts with UFOs that result in long-term physiological effects, such as severe injuries or even death.
  1. Close Encounter of the Seventh Kind: Human-alien hybridization.





3. UFO Mystery: A real and yet unexplained phenomenon. What, indeed, are UFOs in reality?

As seen, the UFO phenomenology is extremely vast and complex, and it is today widely recognized as real. Denying it entirely would be objectively pointless and even a bit ridiculous, wouldn’t it, CSI? 😉

Undoubtedly, a portion of these phenomena could be linked to military experiments or technologies still unknown to the public. (In this regard, we recommend reading our previous article: The First Superluminal Anti-Gravity Spaceship“).

Another percentage could be attributed to unusual atmospheric phenomena, and yet another, why not, could be explained through psychological factors, according to Jungian or psychoanalytic thought.

However, there remains a significant percentage of phenomena that cannot be explained by any of these categories, and ignoring them is not a valid solution for understanding.

The crucial problem, therefore, lies in understanding the nature of these phenomena. What exactly are UFOs?


In the next two articles, we will try to answer by condensing the highly complicated ufological reality into three major theories.



The question is not: “Are UFOs real?” People are definitely seeing something. The question is: “What exactly are they seeing?” – PRESTON E. DENNETT




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