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Alien Conspiracy: What are UFOs really? – Secret government weapons or extraterrestrial encounters? A fascinating mystery beyond the bounds of reality.


There may be aliens in our Milky Way galaxy, and there are billions of other galaxies. The probability is almost certain that there is life somewhere in space.” – Buzz Aldrin 



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In our previous article, we embarked on a fascinating journey to explore the complex realm of ufology, attempting to condense the entire discipline into three fundamental theories.

In this second and final chapter, we will delve into the third and last theory about UFOs and draw some brief conclusions at the end. 


3. Alien Conspiracy: Theory number three – UFOs as secret government weapons; Do advanced military technologies fuel a covert ‘cold’ competition among global superpowers?


4. Alien Conspiracy: The numbers don’t add up – Lack of strategic usage; Unexplained lack of strategic deployment raises doubts on their existence and origins, challenging the alien conspiracy narrative


5. Alien Contact: Global Governance – The king of the world; Amidst global conflicts and advanced technology, a hidden force chooses strategic silence. Explore this enigma of power.



3. Alien Conspiracy: Theory number three – UFOs as secret government weapons.


Serie: Alien Conspiracy – Alien Contact

UFO Disclosure

TR-3A Black Manta


The third hypothesis that attempts to explain UFOs pertains to possible tactical-strategic dynamics among major world powers.

These dynamics would involve the use of highly advanced experimental military vehicles – Alien Conspiracy of human manufacture, which would be used in a kind of “cold” challenge, a show of strength between the world’s major military superpowers.

According to this hypothesis, UFO sightings could be explained by a sort of rivalry between superpowers that evidently have military equipment and means far beyond what we can imagine. 

Indeed, this is true. There is ample evidence to suggest that major powers like the United States, Russia, and possibly China, may have a range of super-advanced means at their disposal, allowing them to openly challenge enemy airspace and demonstrate that they can penetrate it at will.

In this regard, we recommend reading our previous article: The first anti-gravity spaceship” in which we analyze a patent, #US10144532B2, filed in 2018 by the United States Navy Department with the Patent and Trade Office, describing the development of a (science-fictional?) anti-gravity propulsion system.



4. The numbers don’t add up – Lack of strategic usage.

The idea that UFOs could be secret government weapons opens up a complex debate because, while on one hand, it’s conceivable that some governments possess such powerful technology, on the other hand, one must wonder where they got it. Is it the result of entirely human projects, or is it the outcome of reverse-engineering from alien technology? 

Philip J. Corso, the United States Army officer involved in the Roswell UFO incident of 1947, wrote a book titled The Day After Roswell,” in which he claimed that UFOs were created by human engineers using technology acquired from an extraterrestrial spacecraft that allegedly crashed in Roswell that year. 

In the years that followed, many others published similar books, often presenting what appeared to be solid evidence.


However, legitimate doubts arise. 


Let’s assume that the world’s major superpowers indeed possess these miraculous means that defy the known laws of physics (see the article The Universe Beyond the Horizon 5 of 5 – Alien Conspiracy– Alien Contact “) and have performances and weaponry far superior to officially declared military equipment’s. Why haven’t they used them when they were truly needed?

With weaponry surpassing officially declared military equipment, why have these powers refrained from deploying them in times of dire need or during warfare?

We imagine that if they had done so, we would have certainly noticed.

In fact, if the U.S. government or any other government genuinely possessed access to advanced UFO technology, it could potentially use it to significantly influence the outcome of military operations and more. However, this has never occurred.

Should we deduce that in Washington, Moscow, Beijing, or elsewhere, they would rather forego a strategic advantage than reveal the existence of these technologies to the world? Of course, if these technologies truly exist, their disclosure would inevitably entail revealing at least a portion of the ufological reality, especially when discussing the reverse engineering of non-human technologies. 

So, is the prospect of an alien contact so frightening as to justify such a degree of secrecy, or is it more simply the case that no government ever had a UFO?




5. Alien Contact: The numbers don’t add up – The king of the world.

There is, moreover, another crucial and decisive issue related to global governance and the overall dominance over the world’s power structures.

Our planet is far from being a peaceful abode. If we focus solely on the last 75 years – from the Roswell Incident –  and set aside the wars of the past, we still find ourselves amidst countless conflicts. The great powers have been engaged in continuous battles, employing every conceivable means at their disposal. It extends beyond the news reports of two or three wars driven by national economic, political, or ideological interests. Astonishingly, there are more than 200 ongoing conflicts on Earth. 

These wars encompass not only physical confrontations but also trade wars, espionage wars, and cyber warfare. The powers of the world are ceaselessly striving to assert dominance over one another. Amidst this perpetual struggle for supremacy, an enigma unfolds. Somewhere among these influential entities, shrouded in secrecy, resides a force possessing extraordinary capabilities. Remarkably, for a span of 75 years, this power has refrained from brandishing its unmatched prowess to claim ultimate authority.

This is intriguing because history has repeatedly shown us that when our leaders acquire superior weaponry, they promptly showcase it to assert their might. Take, for instance, the atomic bomb and the United States’ demonstration of its power to Japan. The message was unequivocal: “We have this, and therefore, we rule.” 

Yet, in the current scenario, a power or powers wielding unparalleled technology have consciously chosen not to assert dominance with their prowess. The question arises: What breeds such sustained restraint? Are they truly that wise?

History would suggest otherwise, or perhaps their cleverness lies in subtly hinting at their capabilities while remaining concealed in the shadows, exerting their influence as an “éminence grise.”

Alternatively, it is conceivable that they abstain from deploying these means due to the existence of rules – some speak of rules that transcend our comprehension – which prohibit interference with such extraterrestrial technology.

The truth remains elusive, veiled in uncertainty, and the quest for answers persists, seemingly just beyond our reach.


Serie: Alien Conspiracy – Alien Contact

Alien Conspiracy

Triangle Shaped UFO Spotted on US Aircraft Carrier?


In a world steeped in mystery and uncertainty, the question remains: “What are UFOs really?” The theories we have examined in this series compel us to challenge the conventions of reality and explore the limits of the possible.

The elusive nature of truth shouldn’t deter us; instead, it fuels our pursuit, compelling us to persistently question and delve deeper into the uncharted territories of knowledge.



I stopped reading science fiction once I saw that the UFO was real. It became science fact that just hasn’t been proven yet.” – Mike Bird





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