UFOs Before Christ

Unveiling The Ancient Extraterrestrial Enigma: The Cosmic Chronicles Of Aliens History.


Nothing in the universe is unique and alone and therefore in other regions there must be other earths inhabited by different tribes of men and breeds of beasts.” – Titus Lucretius Carus,  1st century BCE.



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Content in a flash: 

1. UFOs and unexplained sightings Before Christ: Flaring objects in the sky – A brief introduction to the aliens history; 

2. Aliens History: The Tulli Papyrus – A copy of a lost papyrus may unlock the door to the first ever documented UFO sighting in history in ancient Egypt;

3. UFOs in antiquity: Wine-Jar UFO – A blazing flying object was witnessed by two opposing armies at the time of the Roman empire; One of the most known sighting of UFOs Before Christ

4. Aliens History: Ships in the sky – A series of unidentified and flaring objects in the sky have been observed and described as “ships” by popular Roman historians; Were UFO with us since the beginning of our history?


1.UFOs Before Christ: Flaring objects in the sky

At eXtraHumans, our mission is to delve deep into the long and mysterious history of mankind, unraveling the truth of our history.

To do this, we need to abandon old prejudices and accept that the veiled is revealed. Thousands of ancient literary accounts from all over the world tell us impossible – yet real – stories from the past, compelling us to pay heed, even as official historiography, perplexed, dismisses them as mere fabrications.

Ancient history seems to be truly peppered with distance encounters with unidentified objects or entities. 

Throughout antiquity unidentified flying objects have been noticed and duly reported, leaving a long series of unanswered question marks. Were UFO with us since the beginning of our history?

Below we have listed only some of the most popular UFO sightings in aliens history.




2.Aliens History: The Tulli Papyrus

Where best to start this list than potentially the very first UFO ever documented by humans, at least among the first ones to be documented? We are in ancient Egypt, during the 18th dynasty, during the reign of Thutmosis III, around 1480 BC.

In an open field, indigenous people see a flying object appear from the sky. Its size was of 5 meter in length and 5 meter in width (one rod equals approximately 5 meters) and was emitting smoke (?!)from the front. The locals throw themselves to the ground in awe and warn the pharaoh. In the days that follow, more similar flying objects swarm the area to the point of filling the sky. Finally, before leaving by vertically flying away, fishes and birds fall dead to the ground.


Serie: Aliens History and Unexplained Sightings

Aliens History and Unexplained Sightings 

Copy of the Tully Papyrus – Credit to https://liftingtheveil.proboards.com/

Serie: Aliens History and Unexplained Sightings


The validity of the source is however, debated. The original papyrus, written in hieratic, has been lost and what remains is just a copy of such papyrus translated by Alberto Tulli, director of the Egyptian section of the Vatican museum at the time. Alberto Tulli found the original in a shop, thought it was too expensive to purchase and made a copy which he then proceeded to translate later. When he realized the actual revolutionary content of the papyrus, it was too late to retrieve the original. One of the experts who assisted Alberto Tulli in the final translation of his copy from hieroglyphs to English was R. Cedric Leonard who provided, in our opinion, the clearest version of it:



In the year 22, of the third month of winter, sixth hour of the day […] among the scribes of the House of Life it was found that a strange Fiery Disk was coming in the sky. It had no head. The breath of its mouth emitted a foul odor. Its body was one rod in length and one rod in width. It had no voice. It came toward His Majesty’s house. Their heart became confused through it, and they fell upon their bellies. They [went] to the king, to report it. His Majesty [ordered that] the scrolls [located] in the House of Life be consulted. His Majesty meditated on all these events which were now going on.



After several days had passed, they became more numerous in the sky than ever. They shined in the sky more than the brightness of the sun, and extended to the limits of the four supports of heaven […] Powerful was the position of the Fiery Disks.


The army of the King looked on, with His Majesty in their midst. It was after the evening meal when the Disks ascended even higher in the sky to the south.


Fish and other volatiles rained down from the sky: a marvel never before known since the foundation of the country. And His Majesty caused incense to be brought to appease the heart of Amun-Re, the god of the Two Lands. And it was [ordered] that the event [be recorded for] His Majesty in the Annals of the House of Life [to be remembered] for ever”. 

In some ways, the story bears resemblance to the narrative of Ezekiel in the sacred scriptures. We have discussed this topic in the following article: “Then the Sky Opened: Ezekiel’s Spaceships

3. Aliens History: Wine-Jar UFO

Plutarch, the renowned Greek Platonist philosopher, essayist and historian, describes a peculiar event occurred on a battlefield in Phrygia, Asia. The year is 74 BC and a Roman army commanded by Lucius Licinius Lucullus is about to clash against Mithridates VI of Pontus’ army when

all of a sudden, the sky burned in many places, and an enormous body like a flame was seen falling between the two armies. The shape was similar to a wine jar, and in color, it was like molten silver. ” 

Lucullus, 8:6

As we have reflected in our previous article, (Earth and the stars cultural clashes) human beings use words they know to describe objects they are not familiar with. Seen from below, a spaceship of circular or elliptical shape is highly likely to be associated with a wine jar, perhaps placed horizontally.

The silver object in the sky had been recorded by both armies, thousands of people. Moreover more historians with conflicting interests and points of view managed to agree on this event.

All in all considered, this episode alone should suffice to prove alien visits in our past. But we are just getting warm.


4.Aliens History: Ships in the sky


Serie: Aliens History and Unexplained Sightings

Aliens History and Unexplained Sightings 

Ab Urbe Condita Libri – by Titus Livius


Unexplained Sightings in ancient history.

Titus Livius was a Roman historian who lived between 59 BC and 17 AD. He worked his entire life on one single work: Ab Urbe Condita Libri. In it, he aimed at reporting the history of the Roman empire in his entirety, until his days.

He narrowly failed to complete his work and therefore the history he covered goes from 753 BC, the foundation of Rome, until the death of a prominent politician, Druso, in 9 BC. The fruit of his life long dedication is made up of 142 books: a truly titanic effort.

The Ab Urbe Condita Libriis therefore an encyclopedia of historical events that occurred during the hegemony of the most extended political and social structure in western civilization of its time: the Roman empire.

In it, Titus Livius also reports astonishing phenomena concerning flying objects.

UFOs in antiquity: Lets see a few of them:
  • 217 BC – Italy: shields had appeared in the sky” 

From this event stems the legend of Mars shield. In fact, one of the shields observed in the sky fell to the ground. Such shield was collected and preciously safeguarded. Eleven copies were made in order to confuse potential thieves.

Apart from this, the historian records a whole series of miraculous or paranormal events that leave room, to say the least, for the UFO hypothesis.

Titus Livius says:

Men’s fears were augmented by the prodigies reported simultaneously from many places: that in Sicily the javelins of several soldiers had taken fire, and that in Sardinia, as a horseman was making the round of the night-watch, the same thing had happened to the truncheon which he held in his hand; many fires had blazed up on the shore; certain soldiers had been struck with lightning; the sun’s disk had seemed to be contracted;

glowing stones had fallen from the sky at Praeneste; at Arpi shields had appeared in the sky and the sun had seemed to be fighting with the moon; at Capena two moons had risen in the daytime;  that at Falerii the sky had seemed to be rent as it were with a great fissure; and through the opening a bright light had shone; at Capua there had been the appearance of a sky on fire and of a moon that fell in the midst of a shower of rain.

Ab Urbe Condita Libri – XXII Book, Chapter 1: 8-13  


212 BC – Rieti, Italy : a large stone was seen hovering in the sky

In the seventh chapter of the twenty-fifth book, the historian reports the following:

On Mount Albano, for two days uninterruptedly, stones rained down; many places were struck by lightning; in Cumae, a wall and some towers were not only struck by lightning but also knocked down; in Rieti a large stone was seen hovering in the sky and the sun appeared more red than usual, similar in color to blood


  • 218BC – Picenum, Italy: “ phantom ships had been seen gleaming in the sky; ”
Phantom ships had been seen gleaming in the sky; in the district of Amiternum, in many places, apparitions of men in shining raiment had appeared in the distance, but had not drawn near to anyone; in the Picentian country there had been a shower of pebbles;

Ab Urbe Condita Libri – XXI Book, Chapter 62


  • 173BC – Lanuvio, Italy:
all of a sudden, the sky burned in many places, and an enormous body like a flame was seen falling between the two armies. The shape was similar to a wine jar, and in color, it was like molten silver. ” 



Serie: Aliens History and Unexplained Sightings


Aliens History and Unexplained Sightings

218BC – Picenum, Italy: “ phantom ships had been seen gleaming in the sky; ” – Image: ‘Ancient Spectres: Phantoms of the Sky’ | © Copyright Protected – An AI Digital Art Creation by eXtraHumans to give you a visual glimpse into the extraordinary. Visit our Shop on RedBubble! Your support helps continue this journey, Dive in!

Serie: Aliens History and Unexplained Sightings


The Qur’an actually is very opened to the possibility that many earths do exist, because the first chapter of the Qur’an says“”Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds” and uses the word ālamīna(الْعَالَمِينَ )“universes”, the plural form, so there could be many universes and many worlds” – Dr. Shabir Ally



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