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Outstanding Doubts

The role of stories is embedded in the human spirit. While stargazing in Africa, in the proximity of a cavern in Australia, around a fire pit in South America, humans have listened to stories for hundreds of thousands of years to both be entertained and to capture valuable lessons that helped many avoid risks and stay alive.

When thinking of the greatest stories ever told, the minds of many people jump to epics like The Odyssey, The three musketeers, The animal farm, Pride and Prejudice. To us, the best story that could ever be told is the one that encompasses them all: the story of our creation and evolution.



This story has been partially written but many gaps in it mean that there are many questions left unanswered. Motivated by these questions, we persisted, and with your donations, unearthed an exhilarating discovery. Join us as we share this narrative journey with the world

Why Support us

We are deeply passionate about it and while it is a joy to create written contents and articles, it is a highly time-consuming and labor-intensive job. Writing an article may take us from 1 week to several months, depending on the topic and the length. We have busy lives and are forced to work nights and weekends. Your support through donations aids us in:

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  • Supporting two charities we feel strongly about: Pencils of promise and Cure Alzheimer’s. The first because we need our next generation to be creative, accurate and capable in the art of writing, an art we feel close to our heart. The second because we find ourselves with so many questions about our own past due to a collective amnesia. Symbolically, we want to change that for good: we would love for every human being to be able to have an exceptional memory. We will donate 1% of all our yearly donations and income to each of these two charities.
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