Superman year 0, part 3 – The Shade Of The Snake

The S Symbol: The shade of the snake – ‘S’ and Enki Myths Intertwine, Connecting Krypton to Mesopotamian Myths;


“Be wise as serpents” – Matthew 10:16


Serie: Superman Logo – The S symbol

Superman Logo – The S symbol



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1. The S Symbol: The Shade Of The Snake – ‘S’ and Enki Myths Intertwine, Connecting Krypton to ancient Mesopotamia;


2. Kal-El and the Elohim: Connections Beyond Worlds – Uncover parallels between Superman’s origins and biblical Elohim. Shared traits, human-like appearances, and god-like abilities;


3. Jonathan: The Archetypal Connection – Jonathan’s name, ‘gift of God,’ echoes the biblical archetype of divine fertility and extraordinary destiny;


4. Fortress of Solitude: Superman’s Fortress serves as a bridge between worlds, blending ancient aliens with futuristic technology;


1. The S Symbol: The Shade Of The Snake.

The letter “S” of Superman reverberates deep mythological suggestions, symbols, and archetypes present in various cultures and ancient traditions, especially Mesopotamian.

In fact, although the “S” on his chest is commonly associated with his name, is in reality a stylized Snake and is rather an iconic heritage passed down by Superman’s father, Jor El, integral part of the family crest of the “House of El.”

The ‘House of El’ – apparently inspired to the biblical ‘House of El’ (Beth-El’) – was one of the noble ruling families of Krypton. The choice of this name doesn’t seem random at all; rather it appears to be an intentional and explicit reference to the biblical Elohim.

The connection between the Kryptonians and biblical Elohim seems confirmed once more.


Serie: Superman Logo – The S symbol

Superman S symbol and Superman Logo

Man of Steel

But let’s go back to the S;

Considering that Superman inherited the famous ‘S’ from his father, and noting that his father’s name is not Superman, it’s obvious that the ‘S’ does not represent Superman’s initial letter, but it’s an integral part of the family crest of the ‘House of E,’ and according to some, including us, it actually represents a snake.

In fact, in Mesopotamian mythology there’s another famous snake, the one associated with the god Enki and surprisingly, the story and characteristics of Enki overlap with those of Jor-El, Superman’s father. The two profiles and archetypes match, confirming the correspondence between the House of El, which bears a snake emblem, and the snake of the god Enki.

Let’s delve further into detail:

Enki, in Sumerian mythology, was associated with wisdom and knowledge, a profile similar to Jor-El, who is a scientist.

Also, Enki saved humanity. When his brother Enlil chose to unleash a massive flood to completely exterminate mankind, Enki, feeling compassion for humans, informed Atrahasis of the imminent catastrophic event and provided instructions to build an ark.
And this is exactly what Jor-El did, when foreseeing Krypton’s destruction, took measures to ensure his species survival by sending his son to Earth in an “ark”.

While we know this story through the biblical tradition of Noah’s ark, its origins are indeed much older.

At this point, there are enough elements to at least suspect that the famous “S” on Superman’s chest is not an “S” at all but rather a snake, referencing the snake associated with the god Enki.

There are in fact at least three points of correspondence:

1. Like Enki, Jor-El, Superman’s biological father, is a scientist, a man devoted to the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

In many ancient cultures, and according to certain interpretations within the Bible as well, the snake has always been linked to knowledge and wisdom.

For example, in the Book of Genesis, the snake in the Garden of Eden is depicted as cunning and persuasive. It entices Adam and Eve to acquire knowledge—specifically, the knowledge of good and evil—by encouraging them to eat, not coincidentally, from the Tree of Knowledge.

2. Similarly to Enki, Jor-El preserves his species by safeguarding Superman inside an ark, which is the escape-rocket Superman arrived in.

3. Both Enki and Jor-El are extraterrestrial.

One final detail that might be worth exploring in a future articles is the resemblance between Superman’s combat suit design, with its distinct ridges, and the texture of snake skin.


Serie: Superman Logo – The S symbol

Superman S symbol and Superman Logo

Superman’s combat suit design, with its distinct ridges, resembles texture of snake skin.


2. Kal-El and the Elohim: Connections Beyond Worlds

As we saw in the previous article, Superman’s Kryptonian name as ‘Kal-El’ isn’t a random choice, nor is Superman’s extraterrestrial origin coincidental. Kal-El appears to be a direct reference to the ancient biblical gods known as the Elohim.

The comparison drawn presents the Kryptonians and the biblical Elohim as extraterrestrials arriving from a secret, hidden planet: Kal El from Krypton, which as we know, is Greek and means secret, hidden, and the Elohim from “Olam” which is Hebrew and means secret, hidden place too.

To Explore more about the biblical Elohim, and “Olam” we recommend the series: “Elohim (אֱלֹהִים) – Those who from heaven to earth came” and “Stargate in the Bible: Yahweh and The Gateway to the Stars”.

Let’s see what else they have in common:

Kryptonians and biblical Elohim share striking similarities starting with their human-like appearances, suggesting a potential genetic and biological compatibility with humanity. These resemblances evoke narratives from the Old Testament, portraying the ancient aliens Elohim — despite their superior evolution, remarkable longevity, and unmatched technology — as beings akin to humans.

The god-like abilities attributed to Superman echo those of the Elohim, who were venerated as gods by ancient humans due to their remarkable technological prowess and extraordinary capabilities.

Finally, despite possessing powers surpassing those of humans, both, Kryptonians and biblical Elohim, were not omnipotent and despite enjoying incredibly extended lifespans they were not immortal.



3. Jonathan: The Archetypal Connection

On Earth, Superman was adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent and raised as Clark Kent.

Now, Jonathan is a Hebrew name that means “Yahweh has given” or “gift of God” and, in light of this biblical interpretive key, appears to reference the divine gift of maternity received by Sarah, the wife of Abraham.
Similar to the biblical Sarah and Abraham, Jonathan and Martha also have no children but receive one as a gift. In the former case, through the divine grant of fertility to Sarah, and in the latter, quite literally.

This archetype seems to recur not only in Judaism but in virtually all other major religions and traditions as well. In the Old Testament, several couples finally bore a child after a ‘divine’ (extraterrestrial) intervention, such as Rebecca and Isaac who bore Jacob and Esau, or Hannah and Elkanah, the parents of the great prophet Samuel.

In Christian tradition, the same theme is evident with Elizabeth and Zechariah, parents of John the Baptist and if you think about it, the same applies to Joseph and Mary, parents of Jesus Christ, whom they received unexpectedly as a gift after the divine intervention of the archangel Gabriel.

This parallel seems very significant, because not only does Superman’s story once more mirror a biblical archetype, but also because the name of his father, at this point, meaning “gift of God.” contains it within its meaning.


4. Fortress of Solitude: Bridging worlds, echoing ages.


Serie: Superman Logo – The S symbol – Superman Logo



Superman’s Fortress of Solitude is an isolated and protected place where Superman retreats to reflect, study, or access crucial information. Often depicted as a recreation of Krypton’s surface, it boasts advanced technology and store dangerous technology and other secrets.

Now, if you notice, the Fortress of Solitude distinctly resembles a Babylonian ziggurat, which seems to be another deliberate parallel with ancient Sumerian religious practices.

The ziggurat represented a connection between Earth and the divine (extraterrestrial) realm. Similarly, Superman’s Fortress, although not explicitly religious, serves as a link between his Kryptonian heritage and his role as Earth’s protector.

Both places embody a sense of connection to something beyond the stars, whether it’s divine or extraterrestrial.


“I have said, ‘You are Gods; you are all sons of Elyon. But like mortals you will die, and like rulers you will fall.”Psalm 82:6,7



Serie: Superman Logo – The S symbol – Superman Logo




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