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Explore the mystery of unidentified flying Objects through three compelling theories. Extraterrestrial technology or parallel dimensions? Join us on this journey into the paranormal.


The parallel universes that make up the multiverse are mutually invisible because the structures of the multiverse are hidden by the reality principles of complex numbers in quantum physics.” – Amit Ray



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0. UFO theories and Ufo Research: What Are UFOs Really? – Ufological Phenomena as Unrationalizable manifestations; 


1. UFO theories: Theory Number One Technological UFOs. UFOs and Extraterrestrials as Real Physical Entities;


2. UFO Research: Theory Number TwoThe Paraphysical Hypothesis. UFOs as Entities from “Subtle Dimensions”;




0. What Are UFOs Really?

Ufological phenomena are, first and foremost, unrationalizable phenomena.

These are phenomena that, by their very nature, escape our ability to rationalize and categorize them through conventional scientific parameters.

They are enigmas that compel us to confront the unknown and grapple with the incredible. Faced with such manifestations, rationalism, which often represents our stronghold of security, wavers, and we find ourselves exploring unknown territories beyond the boundaries of our comprehension.

What are UFOs truly? Below, you will find a summary of the three main theories that seek to explain this enigma.





1.Theory Number One – Technological UFOs


UFO theories

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There is a type of ufology that says that the presence of extraterrestrials should not be attributed to an abstract Jungian projection of the human mind or to ill-defined metaphysical phenomena. Instead, it posits that extraterrestrial presence is a concrete, scientific reality, and that extraterrestrials genuinely exist as real physical entities.

This ufology, perhaps the most established and well-known, says that UFO phenomena are nothing more than technological phenomena. These phenomena would be entirely concrete, but they would appear to us as something quite extraordinary, if not downright magical, because they use a technology vastly superior to our own; a technology so advanced that it would elude our comprehension.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” – Sir Arthur C. Clarke


According to this theory then, UFOs would essentially be spacecraft or probes used by highly advanced (and possibly ancient) extraterrestrial civilizations capable of traveling through space and time at will. This theory is closely tied to the equally well-known theory of ancient astronauts, which, however, will not be discussed here.

The theory of technological UFOs emerged in the 1950s when the UFO phenomenon was still relatively new, and numerous scholars entertained the possibility that the unidentified flying objects observed might genuinely be of extraterrestrial origin. 

In fact, if you think about it, this hypothesis is perhaps the most straightforward and immediate one. After all, when one sees an object in the sky, who wouldn’t think of a spacecraft coming from another star?

Over the years, from the 1950s to the present day, many have lent their support to this idea, often presenting evidence as robust as a foundation stone.






2.UFO Research: Theory Number Two – The Paraphysical Hypothesis.



Then there is the so-called “Paraphysical Hypothesis.”

This theory starts from the premise that we are not dealing with a real technological or mechanical phenomenon, but rather with elements that, in some way, while not belonging to this plane of reality, still belong to reality. This hypothesis posits that UFO manifestations can be attributed to experiences that are not entirely concrete, starting with the fact that they seem to manifest with an undefined “materiality.”

UFO seem to operate in a reality intertwined with ours but not entirely ours. They exhibit a range of characteristics inconceivable by our standards and impossible according to our physics. These enigmatic craft can seemingly materialize and dematerialize at will, in direct violation of our current understanding of natural laws.

They possess the ability to teleport, manipulate gravity, travel at superluminal speeds, and are frequently accompanied by phenomena that we might label as paranormal. These include various forms of light manifestations, diverse types of communication, even telepathic, and often, experiences reminiscent of those found in religious history, such as possession-like occurrences, interactions with angelic or demonic entities, or encounters with undefined benevolent or malevolent forces.

For these reasons, this theory opens the door to the possibility that UFOs might actually be the product of a multidimensional reality where our perception of time and space is distorted and manipulated. These would be multidimensional phenomena that interact with our reality in complex ways that elude human understanding.

Finally, some proponents of the paraphysical hypothesis suggest that these alleged extraterrestrial spacecraft are actually representations of “living” entities from other dimensional planes that occasionally “intrude” into our space-time.


Serie: UFO Research

UFO theories

Strange Creature Or UFO Filmed From Window Of Airplane


This is at least the conclusion that prominent ufologists like Jacques Vallée have reached, and it seems that even Allen Hynek, whose work inspired Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” toward the end of his life, embraced to some extent this paraphysical view:

There is a phenomenon. This phenomenon can undoubtedly – but in an unstable manner – take on a certain concreteness. However, it is not a technological phenomenon; rather, it is linked to a kind of “subtle and imperceptible dimension” of reality that becomes, for some reason, perceptible at that moment.

Parallel dimensions are a concept developed in theoretical physics, and at present, there are no known ways to confirm or refute the existence of such dimensions. Nevertheless, many academics have explored this theme and developed theoretical models in this regard. One of the most well-known is Hugh Everett III, a theoretical physicist who, in 1957, developed a theory of quantum mechanics called the “MWI theory,” which stands for Many-Worlds Interpretation theory.

According to this theory, every time a quantum event occurs, the universe branches into multiple parallel universes, where every quantum possibility is realized. This would imply the existence of infinite parallel universes, each containing a different version of our reality.


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In conclusion, in this article, we’ve examined two of the three main theories that seek to explain the UFO mystery: from UFOs as advanced technological mediums of extraterrestrial civilizations to complex phenomena related to subtle and multidimensional dimensions that elude our understanding.

Our journey doesn’t end here. In the next article, we will explore the Theory Number Three: UFOs as Secret Government Weapons.

Keep following us to discover more secrets about UFOs and our conclusions on this captivating topic.


The evidence is overwhelming that the Earth is being visited by intelligently controlled vehicles from off the Earth.” – Stanton T. Friedman




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