Armies in the sky – First century AD.

Unveiling ancient sky armies: from Pliny the Elder to Tacitus, explore historical accounts of unidentified aerial phenomena.

I have declared infinite worlds to exist beside this our earth. It would not be worthy of God to manifest Himself in less than an infinite universe.” – Giordano Bruno, Italian Philosopher.

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  1. Ancient aliens history: First Century AD, Armies in the Sky – Join eXtraHumans on an epic journey through roman history’s enigmatic ufo encounters;
  1. Ancient aliens history: AD 77 – Rome. Rattling of arms in the sky – A Journey into the skies of antiquity, where Pliny the Elder’s accounts reveal baffling mysteries;
  1. Ancient aliens history: AD 70 – Jerusalem, celestial battles. Tacitus chronicles and the enigmatic UFO events during Rome’s 70 AD conquest of Jerusalem;
  1. Ancient aliens history: AD 65 Judea. Chariots racing through the sky and UFO-Like apparitions by Flavius Josephus;
  1. Ancient aliens history: AD 400 – Rome. The Book of Wonders – Julius Obsequens chronicles and the enigmatic aerial phenomena in Rome’s History;


Ancient aliens history: Flying battleship hovering above earth

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1. Ancient aliens history: First Century AD, Armies in the Sky.

At eXtraHumans, our mission is to delve deep into the long and mysterious history of mankind, unraveling the truth of our history.

To do this, we need to abandon old prejudices and accept that the veiled is revealed. Thousands of ancient literary accounts from all over the world tell us impossible – yet real – stories from the past, compelling us to pay heed, even as official historiography, perplexed, dismisses them as mere fabrications.

A few months ago, we embarked on this exciting journey into ancient UFO reports, with our inaugural article, UFOs before Christ [ancient aliens history].” In it, we observed that ancient history is truly peppered with intriguing encounters featuring unidentified objects or entities. 

Throughout antiquity, these encounters were not only noticed but also diligently recorded, leaving us with a trail of unanswered questions. Were UFOs with us since the beginning of our history?

Below, we continue our journey with only some of the most popular UFO sightings in the 1st century and beyond. Enjoy!



2.Ancient aliens history: AD 77 – Rome. Rattling of arms in the sky.

Gaius Pliny the Second, known as Pliny the Elder, was a writer, historian, naturalist philosopher, military commander, and Roman provincial governor. No other ancient author has ever talked as much about UFOs as he did. A quick glance at the table of contents of his masterpiece Naturalis Historiae”, to understand what we mean. 

Here are some of the most significant chapters:

Chap 1. Whether the world be finite, and whether there be more than one world.
Chap 25. Examples from history of celestial prodigies; Faces, Lampades, and Bolides.
Chap 29. Of sudden circles.

Chap 31. Many suns.



Ancient aliens history: Naturalis Historiae – Pliny the Elder

Naturalis Historiae – Pliny the Elder

Serie: Ancient aliens history

Ancient aliens history: Naturalis Historiae – Pliny the Elder

Naturalis Historiae – Pliny the Elder


Chap 32. Many moons.

Chap 34. Burning shields.
Chap 35. An ominous appearance in the heavens, that was seen once only.

Chap 58. Rattling of arms and the sound of trumpets heard in the sky.

Let’s read some of them:

31 – Many suns.

And again, many suns have been seen at the same time; not above or below the real sun, but in an oblique direction, never near nor opposite to the earth, nor in the night, but either in the east or in the west. They are said to have been seen once at noon in the Bosporus and to have continued from morning until sunset.

34 – Burning shields.

A burning shield darted across at sunset, from west to east, throwing out sparks, in the consulship of L. Valerius and C. Marius”.

35 – An ominous appearence in the heavens, that was seen once only.

We have an account of a spark falling from a star, and in- creasing as it approached the earth, until it became of the size of the moon, shining as through a cloud ; it afterwards returned into the heavens and was converted into a lampas ; this occurred in the consulship of Cn. Octavius

58 – Rattling of arms in the sky

We have heard, that during the war with the Cimbri, the rattling of arms and the sound of trumpets were heard through the sky, and that the same thing has frequently happened before and since. Also, that in the third consulship of Marius, armies were seen in the heavens by the Amerini and the Tudertes, encountering each other, as if from the east and west, and that those from the east were repelled

In the annals of history, Pliny the Elder left behind accounts of multiple suns, burning shields streaking across the sky, mysterious apparitions, rattling of arms in the sky and even “Sudden circles”! (Crop Circles?)

Did these ancient observations hint at phenomena beyond our understanding? We are sure they did. 

Perhaps the most astonishing revelation is that these ancient descriptions closely resemble what we continue to observe in the realm of ufology today: the same phenomena, the same manifestations.

The only difference lies in the vocabulary and concepts employed to portray them. In Pliny the Elder’s case, these are the words and concepts of a Roman historian from 77 AD.

Today, we describe and reference UFOs using contemporary terminology ingrained in our cultural understanding, much like how Pliny the Elder employed the cultural knowledge of his time.

However, fundamentally, there is no difference. Whether in the present or the past, when confronted with these phenomena, we strive to articulate them using the language and concepts of the respective eras, all while experiencing a sense of wonder.

Yet, in light of these historical testimonies, the first immediate question that arises is: Were UFOs part of our history from its very inception?




3.Ancient aliens history: AD 70 – Jerusalem, celestial battles.

Publius Cornelius Tacitus, (AD 56 – 120) was a Roman orator, public official, and historian who also documented unexplained phenomena during the Roman Empire.

Little is known about the date and circumstances surrounding the composition of his masterpiece, the Historiae. Within its pages, the vivid depiction of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans paints a remarkable picture of strong ufological contours:

Various portents had occurred at this time… embattled armies were seen to meet in the sky with flashing arms, and the temple shone with sudden fire from heaven. The doors of the shrine suddenly opened, a supernatural voice was heard calling the gods out, and at once there began a mighty movement of departure.

Source: Historiae Book V – 13

Tacitus’s account in his Historiae presents an intriguing tableau, with celestial armies and battles, a temple consumed by heavenly fire, and the enigmatic opening of shrine doors accompanied by otherworldly voices. 

These vivid descriptions compel us to consider the possibility of otherworldly encounters in ancient times, suggesting that unexplained phenomena may have played a significant role in shaping the historical events of AD 70, particularly during the destruction of Jerusalem. 

This account, along with similar records from antiquity, invites us to reevaluate our understanding of ancient history and contemplate the existence of extraterrestrial influence in our distant past.



4.Ancient aliens history: AD 65 Judea. Chariots racing through the sky.

The year is 65 AD and the location is Judea. Flavius Josephus, roman-Jewish historian and military leader presents us with an astounding account:

On the 21st of the month Artemisium, there appeared a miraculous phenomenon, passing belief. Indeed, what I am about to relate would, I imagine, have been deemed a fable, were it not for the narratives of eyewitnesses and the subsequent calamities which deserved to be signalized. For, before subset throughout all parts of the country, chariots were seen in the air and armed battalions hurtling through the clouds and encompassing the cities”.

Bellum iudaicum – Libro VI, cap. 5,289-299.[Ancient aliens history]

In the year 65 AD, within the ancient land of Judea, Flavius Josephus describes a day when the heavens themselves seemed to be in turmoil, as chariots raced through the sky and armed battalions maneuvered among the clouds, encircling cities. 

These accounts, chronicled by respected historians of their time, echo down the corridors of history, suggesting that encounters with the unexplained have been a part of human existence for centuries. 

Could these historical narratives be fragments of a greater cosmic puzzle, bridging the gap between the past and the present? 

Do they hint at the enduring presence of UFOs throughout human history? 



5.Ancient aliens history: AD 400 – Rome. The Book of Wonders.

Le Livre des Prodiges de Julius Obsequens

Julius Obsequens was a Roman writer active in the 4th or early 5th centuries AD and his single focus as author has been to collect the most bizarre events that occurred during the history of the Roman empire. If we want to compare him to a more modern character, we could say that Obsequens was Fox Mulder of X-Files: passionate about mysteries, most of them turning out to have a foundation of truth

Why? Because his reports are endorsed by other historians. 

In his work Prodigiorum Liber” – The book of wonders he reports three different inexplicable aerial phenomena:


  • 154 BC: At Compsa weapons appeared to fly through the sky. Several things were overthrown by lightning.source
  • Something similar occurred a bit later in 104 BC: Celestial fleets were seen fighting at some time from east to west and the west prevailed” – source
  • 91 BC: near Spoletium several Romans on a journey saw a gold-colored ball roll down from the sky to the earth; after growing larger, it was seen to rise upward again from the earth towards the rising sun and to block the sun itself by its size”. 

Ufo Sightings In Rome Ga

In The Book of Wonders Julius Obsequens delves into the enigmatic events of the Roman Empire and within its pages, he chronicles inexplicable aerial phenomena that challenge our understanding of the past. 

These incidents, witnessed and endorsed by other historians, include weapons soaring through the sky, celestial fleets engaged in battle, and even a gold-colored ball defying the laws of gravity.

These historical records, penned by respected figures of their time, leave us with a compelling question: Were these phenomena be early encounters with extraterrestrial beings or advanced technology? Most probably yes.

As we ponder these enigmatic accounts, we are reminded that the mysteries of our past may hold the key to understanding the phenomena we continue to grapple with today.



You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world” – Jesus Christ, John 8:22-24



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