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Zecharia Sitchin: The scholar who revealed to us that the origin of man was literally to be sought among the stars.


“Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came”. They landed on Earth, colonized it, mining the Earth for gold and other minerals, establishing a spaceport in what today is the Iraq-Iran area, and lived in a kind of idealistic society as a small colony. – Zecharia Sitchin


Serie: Zecharia Sitchin biography – Ancient Gods

Serie: Ancient Gods

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1.Zecharia Sitchin, a key expert – Zecharia Sitchin possessed unique abilities that crown him as a world expert in understanding some of the earliest documents of our civilization;

2. Zecharia Sitchin’s bio – A succinct bio of the distinguished author;

3. The discovery: the origin of man was literally to be sought among the stars. – Sitchin draws a clear narrative from the translation of several ancient texts: alien invasion of Earth and  intervention in the evolution of our species;

4. Zecharia Sitchin, the Sources – Sitchin’s work spanned texts of different regions, languages and time – despite their differences, the narratives were remarkably consistent;

5. Sitchin’s legacy – While criticized, Sitchin accomplished an incredible and unrivalled feat that defines him as a history master to be reckoned with.


1. Zecharia Sitchin, a key expert

One of the most known and controversial proponents of the Ancient Astronaut theory is the eminent orientalist and biblical scholar Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010).

The essence of the theory is that our origins might be tightly linked to extraterrestrials who visited Earth in a distant past. Many experts and authors have supported this theory and we believe that Zecharia Sitchin is uniquely placed to share his contribution considering two key traits of his: his profound knowledge of the ancient Semitic languages – whose knowledge very few have a good grasp of – , and his passion for the mankind’s ancient past.

His contribution to the search of the remote truths now lost in the mists of time has been monumental. Those truths – Sitchin had no doubts – were telling us that the origin of man was literally to be sought among the stars.


2. Zecharia Sitchin’s bio

Sitchin was born in Baku in 1920. He was an Azerbaijani Jewish writer, scholar of religions, mythology and linguistics who dedicated his life to the most important alternative theory of the twentieth century, that of the ancient astronauts. He died in New York, in 2010.

At the age of five years old, in 1925, he moved to Tel Aviv with his parents. He was therefore raised in Mandatory Palestine (the British Mandate) part of which in 1948 became the modern state of Israel. There he acquired profound knowledge of ancient Hebrew. Sitchin graduated in political economy in England, before returning to Israel where he began studying Sumerian cuneiform writing, studies which he continued after having moved to the United States in the 1950’s.

It was the knowledge of ancient languages that proved to be crucial for his discoveries. As his own niece Janet Sitchin states in this interview, Zechariah Sitchin was able to decode ancient Hebrew, Sumerian, Akkadian and cuneiform given the common roots among these languages. 


It has never been clear whether Sitchin achieved an academic education in Semitic languages and Assyriology; in a couple of occasions he mentioned Samuel Noah Kramer as his mentor, but the relationship between the two characters has never been defined with certainty. Some claims that Sitchin was completely self-taught; if this were true he would be one of the very few self-taught members of the American Oriental Society and of the Middle East Studies Association of North America” – source.


The drive for solving enigmas, reconstructing past events, analyzing and cross checking ancient texts was formidable since his early age, seemingly innate. During Bible lessons at school, Zecharia would explain the root of words providing new insights into the original meaning of the holy book. In response, the teacher would tell him to sit down and never question the Bible.

As we will see in the upcoming articles, he had an incredibly valid point since it is now known that the latest Bible versions we commonly see or read are nothing but intentionally manipulated summaries of the original versions. Many of these original versions of the biblical stories are in fact Sumero-Akkadian texts, and are the texts that Sitchin has studied throughout his life. Those versions were not speaking of God at all, but were instead telling us that the origin of man was literally to be sought among the stars.

The creation tales of Genesis are edited and abbreviated versions of much more detailed Mesopotamian texts, which were in turn versions of an original Sumerian text.


Zecharia Sitchin and ancient gods

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Growing up, Zecharia Sitchin dedicated his attention to the Old Testament, and the history and archaeology of the Near East which included the well-known ancient Sumerian and Akkadian clay tablets.

The conclusions he reached by cross-reading some of the most ancient documents of our planet are astonishing.


3. Ancient Gods: the origin of man was literally to be sought among the stars.

Sitchin reconstructed epic events which claimed the existence of extraterrestrial “gods” who arrived on Earth in ancient times in search of gold, a crucial element to repair the decaying atmosphere on their planet, Nibiru. This planet would be very much real and it would have an extremely elliptical and long-lived orbit that stretches way beyond Neptune and comes close to Earth every thousands of years.

These individuals, called Anunnaki, invaded Earth, engineered man and gave rise to the first sapiens civilization on earth: the Sumero-Akkadian civilization.

But there is more to it because they also ruled the planet for thousands of years and fought colonial wars for domination and control of the continents. They used very advanced weapons, much more than the current human ones, mastered space travel and had a staggering knowledge of our solar system and far beyond. All of it while they had access to a type of science unimaginable to us even at our present stage, and the duration of their life was of thousands of years. Except for these tiny details, these alien invaders were completely human.


4. Zecharia Sitchin, the Sources

The sources used by Sitchin are varied and cover a time span of a few thousand years. 
His theories are based on the study of various Middle Eastern sources in particular, Sumerian, Mesopotamian, Akkadian, Hurrian, Jewish and Egyptian, containing chronicles and local myths.


The most ancient nucleus of the Sumerian poems studied by him dates back to the third dynasty of Ur (2150-2000 BC), while the most ancient Akkadian versions are dated at the beginning of the second millennium and include the Enuma Eliš, The Epic of Gilgamesh, the Sumerian king List, the Atra-Hasis and many others.

His approach however, was truly comprehensive – as is ours; He studied and took into consideration the myths of the populations of other areas of the globe as well, in particular South America and, in this regard, it is worth noting that the very theme of contact between Mesopotamian and South American cultures, a theme almost forgotten for a certain period, was brought back to the fore by his works, among which we highlight in particular “Gods of the Golden Tears “of 1990.

Additionally, his focus was pointed at archaeological finds such as seals, jewelry, statues, engravings and similar.


Serie: Ancient Gods

ancient gods

Clay Tablet K.4292 – Series: Library of Ashurbanipal. Fragment of a Neo-Assyrian clay tablet: the text comments on excerpts from tablet 50 of the celestial omen series ‘Enuma Anu Enlil’ (‘When the gods Anu and Enlil . . .’). The text is written in 77 lines of cuneiform inscription.


5. Zecharia Sitchin, the legacy

With the book “The Twelfth Planet”, he took a formidable position that challenged the certainties of religion, science and myth. In fact he proposed that the origin of man was literally to be sought among the stars and not in the creative intervention of a good and wise God nor in the conventional Darwinian paradigm and not even in the very remote mists of an advanced antediluvian civilizations.

The Twelfth Planet” is such a milestone because it marks the Sitchin’s debut as author. As popular as it is, “The Twelfth Planet” is but one of several books written by him. Over the course of 31 years – from 1976 to 2007 – Zecharia Sitchin released a total of 17 masterpieces that capture the incredible knowledge he has accumulated in his 90 years of life, many of which dedicated to decoding some of the most ancient texts of humankind.




when civilization began, the gods who were worshipped were none other than the Anunnaki/Nefilim, who were the source of all manner of knowledge, alias science, on Earth.  – Zecharia Sitchin



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