Corrado Malanga: eXtraHuman

Corrado Malanga – eXtraHuman: A chemistry professor with profoundly revolutionary theories.


The Big bang did not originate from one single point but rather, due to the intrinsic symmetry of the universe, from two points: one created matter while the second created antimatter, like two fountains of photons and anti-photons.

– Professor Corrado Malanga



the harmonic key of the universe

Corrado Malanga. Credits to



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Content in a flash:

1. Corrado Malanga’s bio – A succinct bio of the professor and the first reason to name Corrado Malanga an eXtraHuman;

2. An eXtraHuman superstar – Dr Malanga is a guru in the domain of the cosmo and aliens;

3. Corrado malanga: Abductions – Maybe, his main areas of expertise: aliens abductions;

4. The past and the universe – A maestro in humanity’s past and how the universe influences life on Earth.



1. Corrado Malanga’s bio

As one of the world’s leading authority in the secrets of the cosmos, Professor Corrado Malanga has earned his right to be listed as an “eXtraHuman” and therefore deserves a personal and special mention, especially since, like with all other eXtraHumans ad honorem, he will come up again in our work.

Piazza del Duomo, Pisa. Picture Credits:

Piazza del Duomo, Pisa. Picture Credits:

Professor Malanga has worked in the Department of Chemistry in the University of Pisa, Italy, since 1983.

For that last 39 years he has performed key studies and researches on organic chemistry, green chemistry and chemistry of organic elemental compounds, activities that led him to publish more than 50 papers in international scientific journals as part of university courses in chemistry, industrial chemistry and biological sciences.  You can find the list of his publications at this link.





2. An eXtraHuman superstar

But there is so much more to the man. Chemistry is only his “day” job.

He is also an accomplished author of 18 books whose topics range from alien abductions to the universe, from consciousness to human origins, myths, genesis, physics, antediluvian civilizations, sacred geometry, and the holographic universe.

In the past he took a prominent role in Italy’s UFO national centre (CUN) as head of the Scientific Technical Committee continuing afterwards his work as founder of the Stargate Tuscany Group. This is his blog.

It is not easy to summarize Corrado Malanga’s thought. His extraordinary life path and scientific research has led him to develop revolutionary scientific models over the years that try to answer the fundamental questions: Who are we? Where do we come from and where are we going? But above all, what is the universe like?

The results and discoveries of his work have fundamental implications on the way we interpret the world we live in, and that is why we suggest you take a look at the professor’s website, which we are sure, will open for you unexpected doors on the understanding of our reality.

Corrado Malanga has been a columnist as well for important trade magazines such as Ufo News, Ufo Network, Dossier Alieni, Stargate, Stargate Magazine, Area 51, X-Times, as well as guest of many radio and television programs on the alien theme. There are simply so many to name him an eXtraHuman in our blog.


3.Corrado Malanga: Abductions

Beyond his work at the university laboratories and classrooms, his life-mission is concentrated on the alien interference with humanity.



In fact, for decades he studied the so-called “alien abductions” through techniques of Regressive Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). A colossal work done on about 3500 abductees that lasted decades and lead to a modern re-interpretations of the entire phenomenology and to a new approach for solving the problems connected to it: overcoming the traumatic experience, resolving the abduction case once and for all by raising awareness of the individual and giving him/her the “mental power” to oppose future kidnappings.

Through this long work of monumental anthropological importance, he discovered that all abductees, despite not knowing each other, were painting the same picture: the existence of five alien races who were responsible for their abductions.

According to Professor Malanga, these extraterrestrial intelligent species – some of them of humanoid shape and some without a physical body – while perhaps not inherently evil-, act as predators of the quintessential element of life: “Anima”, the human soul. As part of his thesis, shockingly only 20% of human beings would possess a soul and obviously only those of us who are enriched by this ethereal part are potential targets of these aliens.






4. The past and the universe

The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible“, and this is exactly what professor Malanga does: he goes into the impossible and then explains it to us.

Corrado Malanga


Beyond his core alien abduction research, Corrado Malanga thinks big, both in space and time.

As for space, he has developed theories about laws governing the universe, the structure and shape of the universe and what role we play in it. He embraces spiritual teachings, complex calculations and a certain view of quantum physics that all together equip him with the right tools to go beyond conventional ideas.

As for time, he is somehow open to the “ancient astronauts’” possibility but he went beyond traditional views on this theme by developing his very personal (and incredibly documented) theories about human origin and antediluvian advanced civilizations. To navigate in this complex and mysterious landscape he studied history, physics, skulls, archeology, OOPArts, ancient manuscripts and even quantum mechanics and holography.

Beyond the books, he shares his knowledge at conferences, whose recorded versions can be found on his YouTube channel, although most of them are in Italian.

As you can easily understand by reading our eXpanded Mission, the alignment between us and Corrado Malanga is considerably deep, at least in terms of topics of interest, but not only. His work has inspired and guided us on quite a number of research areas. To mention a couple of examples, we see a massive potential in his interpretation of the original function of the Egyptian pyramids, in his unwavering support of the holographic brain theory by Karl Pribam as well as in the Quantum Physics branch that has enlightened him: the one put forward by David Bohm.

We find Corrado Malanga to be a daring and unapologetic world class expert in ufology. You can therefore rest assured that his thoughts and insights will find their way onto our ExtraHuman journey, contributing to making it fascinating, revealing and revolutionary. Welcome Corrado Malanga to be a fundamental eXtraHuman in our journey.


The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible“ – Arthur C. Clarke




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