Elohim (אֱלֹהִים) – 5 of 5 : the partition of planet Earth

Alien invasion of earth: in depth analysis of biblical verses proves that the Bible does not speak about God; instead, the partition of the planet Earth among the Elohim is being described.


Think not to match yourself against the gods, for men that walk the earth cannot hold their own with the immortals.” – Homer


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13. Alien invasion of earth: myth or reality? The Bible confirm the colonialist partition of Earth among the Elohim as opposed to a false and arbitrary later translation;


13. Alien invasion of earth: myth or reality?

One of the stories that several myths of origins have in common concerns the events that
happened right after the so-called “gods” – the ancient aliens – arrived here on Earth. Specifically, the story about the subdivision of the planet among themselves.

The Sumerian-Akkadian myths are among the most ancient known stories recounting the event, which will be later tackled again by other authors, such as Plato and by the Bible as well. Akkadian literature and the Bible are surprisingly connected.
We will have the opportunity to analyze the Akkadian story in detail later; for the moment let us focus on the biblical recounting which is much shorter.

The Bible narrates that Elyōwn (corresponding to the Sumerian god Anu, head of the galactic empire and supreme leader of the Elohim) divides Earth (and its peoples) among the Elohim’s heirs.
The event is related in the biblical book of Deuteronomy in chapter 32; here is what the Qumran Scrolls version reports:

When the Most High (Elyōwn) divided the nations, when he separated the sons of man, he established the boundaries of peoples according to the number of the sons of Elōhîm.

Below, a fragment of qumran [4Qdeutj] bearing “elohim” (אֱלֹהִים).

alien invasion - the elohim

Fragment of qumran 4Qdeutj bearing “elohim”


Thus, according to the ancient biblical story, this supreme god Elyōwn would have divided Earth and the terrestrial peoples “according to the number of the sons of Elōhîm”. Just as any good emperor who cares about the inheritance and succession within his dynasty would do, Elyōwn would take care of assigning to each people an El who ruled them and their respective territory.

The discerning reader, however, may have noticed that the narrative presented in mainstream versions of modern Bibles differs. This particular story proved to be too enticing (and wielded too much influence) not to be exploited by the various priestly castes that followed one another over the centuries; in fact, in the end, they altered it.

From the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 32, verses 8 and following for example the KJV translates:
When the Most High (Elyon) divided the nations, when he separated the sons of man, he established the boundaries of peoples according to the number of the sons of Israel“.

Why is it? Why “sons of Israel” and not “sons of Elohim” as reported by the much more ancient Qumran scrolls?

Because the KJV Bible – as well as all other mainstream versions of the Bible – translates from the Masoretic text, an old version of the Jews Bible dated 1008 CE. This codex was altered by the masoretes themselves who, by the year 1008 had totally embraced the monotheistic cause.

By introducing “Israel” in place of “Elohim” they would conceal the true (polytheistic) original story and at the same time they would confirm the divine basis for Israel’s political supremacy over any other nation.

The Qmran scrolls, discovered in 1947 and more than a thousand years older than the Masoretic text itself (scrolls are dated between the third century BCE and the first century CE) changed everything. In fact they don’t say “according to the number of children of Israel” but rather “according to the number of the sons of Elōhîm.

It is clear that the change was made later as is today widely recognized.


Serie: Alien Invasion

alien invasion - the elohim

On the left, the inscription fragment of Qmran 4Qdeutj reports “sons of Elohim”. On the right, the Masoretic code writes “the sons of Israel”


In the presence of two sources, among which one is a thousand years older, common sense would suggest that the oldest source is the one closest to the original textual truth. For this reason we trust the Qumran scrolls more and therefore accept the older version which reads “according to the number of the sons of Elōhîm.

Alien invasion of Earth in ancient past. The text is clear: Earth was divided according to the number of Elohim’s sons, which is what normally happens in any imperial or monarchical regime. The biblical story is much shorter than the Sumerian one. We could call it a summary and this is because the Old Testament deals exclusively with the story of the Israelite’s (Jacob’s descendants) and their alliance with one of the Elohim, the one to whom they were assigned to, Yahweh.

The assignment is recorded in chapter 32 verse 9: “For Yahweh ’s portion is his people, Jacob his allotted inheritance.”

We are therefore fully bought into and embrace the story that mainstream stubbornly rejects or hides: advanced aliens visited our planet in the past, conquered, colonized, and ruled it for a long time.


…the deities are not celestial gods but mere mortals, both males and females. They are not imitated due to their wisdom or their virtues, but instead are full of perversions and wickedness.” – Eusebius of Caesarea, third century AD




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