Hyperspace 2 of 2 – Michio Kaku and the 5th dimension

Aliens could originate from other dimensions and Michio Kaku strongly supports the possibility of additional dimensions of space


“One in 200 stars has habitable Earth-like planets surrounding it — in the galaxy, half a billion stars have Earth-like planets going around them — that’s huge, half a billion. So when we look at the night sky, it makes sense that someone is looking back at us..” — Michio Kaku


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5. The mystery of light — This natural agent traveling in what appears to be a vacuum proves that something invisible to our eyes exists;


6. Are there other dimensions? — How much harnessing power would it be required to travel to interdimensional beings?


7. Aliens and the other dimensions — Aliens could originate from other dimensions


5. The mystery of light

Here is one reason that makes Michio Kaku confident about the existence of other dimensions.

Typically, waves of any type need a propagator, meaning a substance that acts as the environment where the waves can travel through. For example, sound waves require air, and water waves require water. But what about light? Light is a wave and travels through vacuum. Since we have nothing to wave in a vacuum, we have a paradox.

Enter the Kaluza Klein theory that states that light is a vibration of the fifth dimension. If light could travel through a vacuum, it was because the vacuum itself was vibrating, because the vacuum really existed in 4 dimensions of space and one of time.

If the vacuum existed also in the 5th dimension, then we have no way of knowing the complete picture but we would know that the vacuum is not truly void of everything. Something enriches the vacuum. And it is by adding the fifth dimension that the force of gravity and light — two major mysteries of physics — could be unified in a remarkably simple way.


Series: Are there other dimensions?




After 50 years of challenges, supergravity theory and superstring theory have eliminated the inconsistencies of the theory. It is now held as a common belief by many of the world’s leading physicists that dimensions beyond the three of space and the one of time might exist. Not only that but the existence of additional dimensions may be necessary and crucial in creating a comprehensive theory that unites the laws of nature: a theory of hyperspace.


If proven correct, future historians may mark hyperspace as one of the great conceptual revolutions in twentieth-century science.



6. Are there other dimensions?

The theory states that before the Big Bang the universe was a 10-dimensional universe but since it was unstable, it collapsed into two universes, one of 4 and one of 6 dimensions. The universe containing 4 dimensions expanded and the one containing 6 dimensions shrank. Is the 6 dimensional universe a parallel universe or is it self-contained in ours at the microscopic level? We are not given to know this but we have hints that the 2 universes are still connected, according to calculations.



In fact, space wormholes have been experimentally measured and time wormholes (connecting 2 points on the dimension of time) would mean that time travel is possible. In 1988 physicist Kip Thorne of California Institute of Technology stated that time travel would be probable under certain conditions.

A theory states that black holes may be gateways to alternative universes. Hence it would be theoretically possible to access those extra dimensions in that second universe.


Series: Are there other dimensions?



If this is the case, how long will it take for our civilization whose technology and advancements are growing exponentially to reach the point of harnessing the hyperspace theory?

The issue in accessing other dimensions is the requirement of massive amount of energy, far beyond anything available on Earth. According to the physicist Peter Freund, the energy required to access the tenth dimension is a quadrillion times larger than the energy that can be produced on Earth at this time. Shaping spacetime requires energy on a scale that will not be available within the next several centuries or even millennia, if ever.


7. Aliens and the other dimensions

So we are probably left out of the equation. What would it then mean for any civilization out there to reach that level? A being from another dimension would be able to see, reach, and pass through walls. To understand this possibility you need to think about how 2-dimensional beings would see a 3-dimensional being moving objects or people around, even outside closed spaces (by 2-dimensional standard).



Aliens could therefore originate from other dimensions. In fact, other intelligent life forms in the universe who may already have reached that point may therefore appear as wizards, superheroes, demi-gods, or more likely even full-fledged gods in our eyes, depending on which humans would meet them and at what stage of our evolutionary scale the encounter would take place.

This conclusion has powerful ramifications. First of all, the likelihood of aliens existing has further increased from the calculations in our article entitled “A crowded multiverse 1 of 2”, since no beings existing in alternate universes were considered.

Furthermore, who were the gods that humankind has been praying to for millennia and possibly encountered in the past? Intelligent and advanced beings posing as gods simply capable of harnessing energy, mobility, and powers through the 5th dimension?

Many sacred books from all over the world tell us of encounters with beings coming from the stars. Chances are that they were advanced beings from our very own 4-dimensional universe, just from other solar systems or even galaxies.


However it is also possible that beings from the other 6 dimensional universe came to pay a visit and hence aliens could originate from other dimensions; from their height of the 5th dimension, any of us could — and would — exchange them for entities with divine powers.




“‎By 2100, our destiny is to become like the gods we once worshipped and feared. But our tools will not be magic wands and potions but the science of computers, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and most of all, the quantum theory.” — Michio Kaku







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