The alien God hypothesis: What if God was an alien? 1 of 2

Aliens visiting Earth in a distant past is far more likely than a benevolent ethereal entity smiling at us from the sky


Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods“. – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Aliens on earth and idea of God


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1. Aliens on earth: Ties between divinity and ufology – Religious believers rush into idolizing superior entities without considering the similitudes between their beliefs and ufology; also chances of aliens existing are far higher than mystical beings;

2. Alien Definitions – The term “Alien” is typically associated with impossible beings who exist only in movies but the definition of the term helps us to remove any biases and consider aliens for what they are: beings who are likely to exist;


1. Idea of God: Ties between divinity and ufology

Religions dominate the spiritual domain across human beings with 84% of people officially following a dogmatic religion and 93% having faith of some sort. On average, 9 people out of 10 are utterly convinced of the existence of supernatural beings with advanced powers who come from unknown places and exist beyond this world. This type of belief is not only extremely widespread but also respected, protected and enforced. 

On the other hand, should anyone attempt to express their belief in the existence of aliens who are far more likely than divinities to exist, then this person will be ridiculed, marginalized and even despised.

Why? There is no equality in treatment for these two types of beliefs. Not only is this despicable, unacceptable and ridiculous, but it becomes even more so if we consider that these two beliefs have more in common with each other than most people realize.

Are not aliens likely to be “supernatural beings with advanced powers who come from unknown places and exist beyond this world”? 

Let us take a step back. 

Aliens visiting earth in antiquity, ties between divinity and ufology

When we speak of “God”, sooner or later we reach conclusions that must be inevitably accepted and questions that need to be answered. Let’s look at some of them.

“God”, as understood today, in his Neoplatonic restyling, is essentially an alien life form, a loving, almighty, omnipresent and omniscient entity, which is not of the planet Earth. Actually, we are not even completely sure if “God” can be defined as a “life form” or “entity”, since the idea of God would essentially fall outside of any known application of these terms.

This is because we do not know anything about God. Nobody knows anything about God, the only thing we know is that if there is a God, he’s not from here. 

The situation gets trickier f
or believers, as one would expect. The issue is wonderfully summarized by Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok. World renown expert of “Secrets of the Torah”,  in his book Aliens, Angels and Demons…” observes: 

let’s take prayers. Those who pray their God do so in the awareness that their prayer reaches God. So this prayer must travel from point A (the believer – departure of the prayer) to point B ( God – destination of the prayer ). But where is this point B, this destination? If it exists, it is certainly not on Earth and therefore it would an extraterrestrial place. To this, it should be added a simple consideration: at the end of the day, what is a prayer if not a communication beyond this world? In English there is a modern term that defines any type of non-worldly element, communication included, and that word is “Extraterrestrial“.
Serie: Aliens on earth and idea of God



Now, believers generally dislike certain associations of ideas. For several reasons, the main one being that they associate the words “extraterrestrial” and “alien” with Hollywood movies rather than with the meaning of their respective terms.

In any case, the juxtaposition of religious beliefs with UFO themes is generally not digested well, and this is understandable.

Yet, here at eXtraHumans we think that people are now ready to open their eyes and understand the true substance of religious realities. Religion and Ufology are very tied indeed 


2.Alien Definitions

What is the definition of the term “Alien”?
The Encyclopedia Britannica defines Alien as: hypothetical intelligent extraterrestrial being”. 

Isn’t God a hypothetical intelligent extraterrestrial being?

Jesus said: You are of this world, I am not of this world (Gospel of John, chapter 8, verse 23). One would deduce that he was from another world. And he wouldn’t have been the only one. The list of “gods” who have traditionally arrived from another planet is long.

However, for some obscure reason, the idea that a God of whom nothing is known, who created us out of nothing and for no apparent reason, is perceived by the majority as more plausible than the idea that this “God” may actually have been someone from a very advanced alien civilization who has existed for real and has arrived on this planet in ancient times. 

Yet, from a purely probabilistic point of view, it is infinitely more likely that other forms of advanced alien civilizations exist, compared to the possibilities of the existence of “God” as understood in the occidental modern Neoplatonic monotheistic sense.

Having said that, while the first hypothesis is perceived as normal and more than acceptable, the second one, the “Alien God hypothesis”, meaning the idea of aliens visiting earth in ancient times, is deemed ridiculous and impossible.

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines god and “goddess” as following:

God and goddess, generic terms for the many deities of ancient and modern polytheistic religions. Such deities may correspond to earthly and celestial phenomena or to human values, pastimes, and institutions, including love, marriage, hunting, war, and the arts. While some are capable of being killed, many are immortal. Although they are always more powerful than humans, they are often described in human terms, with all the flaws, thoughts, and emotions of humans. “

We support this definition, and add that these deities may correspond to the true ancient astronauts who in ancient times visited our planet and ruled it” and the reason why they are often described in human terms” is because while they came from another planet with an infinitely more advanced civilization, they were actually human or human-like. In their case, being human and being extraterrestrial was not a contradiction, because they were eXtraHumans.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           …to be continued 


Aliens visiting earth: What you can expect from the next section:

What is Exotheology?  We will talk about the contiguity of two apparently distant domains: Ufology and religion.

What would happen if a civilization vastly more advanced than ours were interfering with the historical path of man? We probably wouldn’t even notice.



“…If one wishes to continue to believe in God, to believe in God’s word communicated to human beings on planet Earth, and to believe in human capacity to communicate back with God, then in light of modern discoveries and revelations about the true nature of science and reality, we are required to discard old prejudices, and embrace what might be, for some, unpleasant truths, and that God, Torah, and prayer are all extraterrestrial by definition”




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