Recommended Books 

Knowledge is power. We are all about sharing it with you. To make it easier for you to deepen the studies in the domains we tackle, we will insert in this page all books we come across and use as sources as we go during our journey.


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Alien Books - DNA of the Gods Alien Books -Slave Species of the Gods Alien Books - The Drake Equation









Alien Books - THE EDEN CONSPIRACY Alien Books - Elohim Alien Books - Enoch and the Return Of The Gods









Alien Books - Exoplanets: Diamond Worlds Alien Books - Exotheology Alien Books - Extraterrestrial









Alien Books - Fall of Titan Alien Books - Gilgamesh Alien Books - GIMBAL









Alien Books - Gods man and war Alien Books - Gods of the Bible Alien Books - The Ancient Alien Question









Alien Books - An Investigation of Mars Alien Books - 10 ooparts Alien Books - Parallel Worlds









Alien Books - Protection From Evil Alien Books - Rama II Alien Books - Witness to Roswell









Alien Books - The Scars of Eden Alien Books - science nature Alien Books - The Secret Teachings of all Ages









Alien Books Alien Books - The Anunnaki Chroniclesalien books - the eerie silence








Alien Books - Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Physics Alien Books - Skinwalkers at the Pentagon Alien Books - The Codex Borgia









Alien Books - The Day After Roswell Michio Kaku - The Future of Humanity alien books - The Land of the Gods









alien books - The Sixth Traveler alien books - The Universe Within








alien books - The Unveiling UFO Disclosure 2021 - alien books alien books - The UFO Experience









alien books - UFO of God UFOs: alien books alien books - UFOs and the Deep State









alien books - UFOs In The Bible alien books - UFOs Over Ohio alien books - The Big Book of Unexplained Mysteries








enrico baccarini - Vimanas and the wars of the gods alien books - The Gods Were Astronauts eric von daniken - Astronaut Gods of the Maya








alien books - Vymaanika-Shaastra Aeronauticsalien books - The Lost Book of Enki alien books - Ancient Rome









alien books - Cosmic Queries alien books - The Physics of Consciousness alien books - Hollow Earth









alien books - Secret Teachings of the Hidden Masters alien books - Deep Undercover alien books - Flying Saucers and Science









zecharia sitchin - There Were Giants Upon the Earth alien books - KNOWING mauro biglino - The Naked Bible









alien books - Reverse Engineering Vedic Vimanas alien books - Aliens, Angels, & Demons alien books - The UFO Abduction Book









george adamski - Behind the Flying Saucer Mystery alien books - ALIEN PRESENCE