Our Approach

The Approach

One of our strongest values is maintaining an open mind. We refer to it as our North Star and deeply believe it will help us uncover the mysteries of the cosmos and about our ancient past.

We believe that the potential, the functioning, the mysteries and the powers of the cosmos that surrounds us, trillions of other planets and stars and an undefined number of intelligent species, is so unfathomably vast that the best approach to exploring and learning the unknown has to be one of humility.

We cannot have the arrogance of making assumptions of what is possible based on what we know now as if that is the ultimate truth or set of unmovable rules. Hence we will maintain an open mind throughout our eXtraHumans journey and we invite you to do the same.


The Motive

A further element that motivated us to start this adventure is the need to explain complex concepts in a simple manner, something so incredibly important in our society and yet so hard to encounter. 

More specifically we noticed the embarrassing duality of content quality and reliability between the world of mainstream science on one side and the areas of religion, cosmology and ufology on the other.

Immanent and transcendent

Nikola Tesla said: “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
That is very true; Too often, in fact, scientists turn their gaze away, rejecting, from a rigid position of denial, the idea to investigate anything that goes beyond the immediately tangible, heavily limiting their scope and accomplishments.

On the other side, religion, cosmology and ufology dare where science does not (yet). Those are however often handled with an appalling lack of professionalism, depth and precision thus making these spheres appear as unreliable to whomever is not already convinced of their validity.

Filling the Gap

We identified this gap and we plan to fill it by applying the best of each side: we intend to have a rigorous approach to details, sources and structure, we will not be restrained by any dogma and most importantly we will not assume that every reader will be familiar with the subjects we handle: we will explain complex matters simply so that you will have access to as many mysteries of the universe as we can discover.

By doing so, we will bring our knowledge in the open where readers will feel comfortable in following us no matter what we tackle and hopefully they will also feel comfortable in sharing our content with their network, as they will feel that our content is precise, correct and intellectually honest.