The alien god hypothesis: What if God was an alien? 2 of 2

Aliens visiting Earth in a distant past is far more likely than a benevolent ethereal entity smiling at us from the sky


Any sufficiently advanced Extraterrestrial Intelligence is indistinguishable from God” – Michael Shermer



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3. Exotheology and idea of God – We want to spread awareness about the contiguity of two apparently distant domains: the ufological and religious worlds;

4. Alien interference – Exotheology. Here we consider what role a highly advanced technology in the hands of alien visitors would play and how a less advanced civilization would see and treat the visitors;

5. Highest evolutionary status? – Exotheology. We continue the considerations of the impact of reaching advanced technology level for any civilization;


3. Exotheology

How do we rule out that Yahweh, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Rishabhanatha or Krishna weren’t actually aliens or individuals in direct contact with alien civilizations?
How do we rule out the existence of other worlds inhabited by other humans or humanoids in other galaxies or in ours?

Our point is simple: we want to spread awareness about the contiguity of two apparently distant domains: the ufological and religious worlds. This seemingly ambitious project stems from the idea that the so called “gods” of mythology were none others than real alien entities coming from other planets or from other dimensions (or both) who have interacted with humans for thousands of years.
The hypothesis is less far fetched or novel than it seems, so much so that it is the primary object of the work of the Exotheology.(See here – Exotheology)

The term “Exotheology” was coined between the late ‘60s and early ‘70s originating from implications of extraterrestrial intelligence in reference to theological realms. It mainly deals with conjectures about how extraterrestrials might have influenced religious beliefs and what it would mean for religions in case alien contact were to be broadly and officially established.

Far from being a mere theoretical pseudoscience, exobiology seems to have been ahead of its time. In fact, fifty years after its birth, while the James Webb Space, the most powerful telescope ever created lifts off on historic mission, NASA has summoned 24 theologians in a project to build, we quote literally, ‘bridges of under understanding by convening theologians, scientists, scholars, and policymakers to think together and inform public thinking on global concerns.’

What global concerns are they referring to?
The project, in cooperation with the Center for Theological Inquiry in Princeton in the USA, will address many fundamental issues, among which: “What is life? What is the borderline between man and alien? What are the possibilities that life exists on other worlds? ».

Andrew Davison is a priest and theologian of the University of Cambridge with a doctorate in biochemistry, who has recently dealt with astrobiology and evolutionary synthesis. His work on exobiology (Astrobiology and Christian Doctrine) which deals with the relationship between alien life and the main aspects of the Christian faith will soon be published.
He is one of the big names called to intervene and this is how the theologian explains his role within the new NASA project:

I am carrying out a survey on the main themes of the Christian faith from the point of view of life elsewhere in the Universe. I think of his relationship with the doctrines of creation, sin, the person and work of Jesus, Redemption, revelation and eschatology. So far my attention has focused mainly on what theologians call Christology: the discussion of who Jesus was, and in particular what it means to consider him both human and divine. Now, given the high probability that alien life exists, there is a theological question to be answered and it concerns the perspective of life on other worlds: do we have to think about many incarnations or just the one theologians talk about in Jesus? ” .


4. Alien interference – Exotheology

The Cargo cult and a thousand other human experiences on this planet have taught us that after all, being God means nothing more than being a supreme entity object of veneration by other beings who believe him or her to be endowed with extraordinary powers.

Any hypothetical extraterrestrial civilization, let’s say one million years ahead of us on the evolution line would in fact be indistinguishable to us from God.
They could surely be mistaken for a “divine” civilization, regardless of whether this is what they want or not. Once we start to think about their unlimited power and possible implications, we must admit that if ever such a civilization visited Earth in the remote past, it could have gone so far as creating us. Why not, if they had the technology?

Think about the scientific and technological advances we have made on Earth just in the past 100 years. Almost everything in our rooms would have been a miracle for our great-grandfather, and this without considering all the recent discoveries or works in progress who sit on the feeble line between the known and the unknown. A few quick examples? Internet, Genetic Engineering, Teleportation and Warp Drive.

Now, think about what millions years of evolutionary, technological and scientific advantage would mean.
With such abysmal level of disparity, a contact with such evolved civilization would probably turn us into the new – and yet unaware – followers of a post-modern cargo cult… or have we already?

The concept is masterfully expressed by the third of the three laws enunciated by the English science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke : “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
The third law has become especially famous and has inspired a large number of variants and corollaries, including among others the Shermer’s last law: “Any sufficiently advanced Extraterrestrial Intelligence is indistinguishable from God“.


Exotheology and idea of God

Cargo cult good practice | dwts


In fact, the characters typically associated with divinity are omniscience and omnipotence. Michael Brant Shermer, American historian and writer argues that, from our human point of view, it is impossible to distinguish a god who possesses these traits in an absolute sense (that is, it literally is omniscient and omnipotent) from an entity that possesses those attributes only apparently (i.e. it is just extremely more wise and more powerful than us).

Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok observes:

…if these things are real, then they certainly are not of this Earth, and are thus by definition extraterrestrial..

…If one wishes to continue to believe in God, to believe in God’s word communicated to human beings on planet Earth, and to believe in human capacity to communicate back with God, then in light of modern discoveries and revelations about the true nature of science and reality, we are required to discard old prejudices, and embrace what might be, for some, unpleasant truths, and that God, Torah, and prayer are all extraterrestrial by definition. Essentially, if the Bible has to be believed, then rather than look into the future for our first human contact with alien life, we had better start to properly understand our past.


5. Highest evolutionary status? – Exotheology

Some say that UFOs are devices sent back in time by us, humans of the future. Someone else says instead that these are extraterrestrials arrived from who knows where, while others still argue that the UFOs are sent by extraterrestrials humans (not us), other humans from another planet, eXtraHumans. These are only three of the most popular theories, but the point is that these claims, until proven otherwise, cannot be called baseless. These cannot easily be dismissed by calling the supporter a conspiracy theorist. Because, in fact, all three hypotheses, as far as we know, could be true.

Who can say with certainty that a civilization didn’t evolve from a primitive stage (as per our human perspective) all the way to near divinity across a sufficiently long period of time in the history of our universe? When we say “near divinity” we refer to a level of evolution so sophisticated and advanced to have long since crossed the boundaries between matter and spirit or space and time.

Curious how even Jesus seems to wink at this concept.

“Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, You are gods?”
John 10:34

Exotheology - idea of god

John 10:34 – 


In his book Ariel Bar Tzadok observes:

Think about this, if humanity continues forward without destroying itself, what form will it eventually evolve into over the next million years or so? Where will our technology take us a million years into the future? Now, extrapolate on this, and think, if the First Ones have been out there for a billion (or more) years, how much have they evolved? What is their science like? What have they discovered about the creator? Would we even be able to recognize them as life forms? Would we consider them to be gods?


Exotheology - idea of god

If the First Ones have been out there for a billion (or more) years, how much have they evolved?


At first sight ufology and religion seem to be two distant domains, but if we think about it for a moment, we might discover that this is not the case. That distance is illusory.

Maybe, it’s time to abandon old prejudices, and embrace what might be, for some, unpleasant truths, and that gods, saints, and prayers are all extraterrestrial by definition and history.

All religions speak of gods who are not of this world. We are called to choose whether to consider them and their worlds real or fantastic. Here ad eXtraHumans we have chosen the first.

Gods, angels and demons yesterday; aliens today. The future could bring us unexpected surprises and we might be called to a new awareness, destined over time, to totally change the world as we know it.

The end


In fact, we are not coming from here. We came from there (points to outer space). This is Israel at their root …So from this entire planet, we are aliens coming from a different galaxy.” – Rabbi Michael Laitman



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  1. Cal

    When I first came across Roko’s Basalisk, it didn’t necessarily send me for a spin. I thought, this sounds just like the bible. How all will be judged in the future for the things they’ve done in the past (present), if you live too far outside the bounds the Judge sets forth. You will be punished for eternity. It’s literally the same thing.

    With that recent openAI drama I thought, what would happen if the coming AGI claims to be Jesus?


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