Lord of the Worlds — 4 of 4: Cosmic Revelations

Exotheology: Qur’an’s extraterrestrial revelations reshape religion. Angels or Aliens? Explore the intriguing link between divinity and the alien reality.


Series: Exotheology and Alien Life


“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” — William Shakespeare, Hamlet



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Content in a flash:

1. Exotheology and alien life: God or aliens? — The role of extraterrestrial life in religion and spirituality;


2. Ancient theology: Angels or aliens? — Angels as ancient aliens: exploring the relationship between religion and extraterrestrial life;


3. Exotheology and alien life: Cosmic revelations — Challenging the traditional beliefs: Was the Qur’an revealed by alien entities?;


4. Conceptions of God: Alien communication — Exploring the possibility of alien communication in religious beliefs: Was God’s revelation to Muhammad alien in nature?;


5. Exotheology and alien life: Unanswered questions — Delve into the connection between extraterrestrial intelligence and religions. Could ancient aliens have shaped our understanding of divinity?



1. Exotheology and alien life: God or aliens?

The journey through the pages of the Qur’an is long and mysterious. Certainly, something that stands out like a skyscraper in the desert and that came to punch us in the face is how the Qur’an refers to God: by using the personal pronoun “we”. Yes, the plural form, exactly like the Hebrew Elohim in the Bible.

Isn’t God supposed to be only one? Isn’t that the basis for Judaism, Christianity and Islam? So how come that we find the plural form in both sacred texts? How come we find the plural form in all of the sacred texts of all religions?

Obviously, religious leaders and believers justify the plural form with the need to offer respect and glorification. We think this is a poor excuse.

We believe that the reason we find the plural form is that the ancient books from various religions (including the Qur’an) don’t revolve around to a singular God, but they portray instead multiple gods, extraterrestrial entities coming from a highly advanced extraterrestrial civilization. These entities have seemingly maintained contact with humanity since its inception, influencing and shaping the development of earthly religions and consequently impacting the course of human destiny.



2. Ancient theology: Angels or aliens?

According to the tradition the Qur’an was revealed to Muhammad by the archangel Gabriel. But we wonder: Who was Gabriel in all truth?

Was Gabriel truly an angel, or could he have been an extraterrestrial entity instead?

Considering it, isn’t an angel, by definition, an extraterrestrial?

This idea could be difficult to digest, we understand that, but let’s consider it from a purely logical perspective:

From the book: “Aliens, Angels and Demons” by Ariel Bar Tzadok:

“Gabriel must travel from point A (his current location) to point B, location of Muhammad, Earth.

Where is this point A, the departure? If it exists, it is certainly not on Earth.

In English there is a specific term that defines any type of non-worldly element, locations included, and that word is “Extraterrestrial”.

Now, believers often object to certain associations of ideas, primarily because they link the terms “extraterrestrial” and “alien” with Hollywood movies, rather than their true meanings. Combining religious beliefs with extraterrestrial themes is usually received unfavorably, which is understandable.

However, to promote understanding and truth, we feel compelled to clarify these concepts, in particular the relationship between extraterrestrial life and religion, and we already started this investigation with our previous series entitled: The alien God Hypothesis: What if God was an alien?

Series: Exotheology and Alien Life


Exotheology and Alien Life

Archangel Gabriel with rays of light | Adobe Stock


In fact, no matter where Gabriel came from, one thing is certain: his place of origin was not Earth therefore he was, necessarily, an extraterrestrial.

From wherever he came, the archangel Gabriel certainly did not arrive from the fantastical heaven with white clouds and little fluffy white angels flying around we are used to think about. Instead, in all likelihood, he came from a real extraterrestrial (or extradimensional?) place from which he must necessarily have traveled with a spaceship or with any other hyper-advanced technological means.

Where did the Angel Gabriel really come from?



3.Exotheology and alien life: Cosmic revelations

We already know at this point that the Qur’an is a special book. We also know that from this text emerged the faith, strength and audacity that propelled a fragile desert people towards an imperial destiny.

However — and this is the object of our interest — while reading the Qur’an one realizes with amazement how advanced scientific concepts, “impossible” information, and advanced astronomical knowledge are introduced and treated several times by the sacred text “revealed” to the prophet Muhammad.

Inevitably the question arises: There is no doubt that Muhammad was an excellent writer; that he was divinely inspired can certainly be believed, but given that he lived in the seventh century after Christ, how did he possess such extensive knowledge? The Qur’an, filled with examples of advanced or seemingly ‘impossible knowledge,’ poses an intriguing mystery.

Could the Quran have been genuinely ‘revealed’? If so, by whom?”



4.Conceptions of God: Alien communication?

The encyclopedia Britannica defines Alien as: “hypothetical intelligent extraterrestrial being”.

We must ask ourselves, in all honesty: Isn’t God himself, as such, a hypothetical intelligent extraterrestrial being, an alien entity to our world ?

What we are suggesting is that Muslim are right, Jews are right, Christians are right, Hindus are right, Pagans are right and atheists who often indulge on the possibility of extraterrestrial life are right: other, superior beings exist.

And in alignment with the religious believers we say to them: yes, someone came to visit us in the past.

Was the angel Gabriel truly an angel or an extraterrestrial instead?

About the Quranic revelation, Shabir Ally, author, president of the Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International in Toronto and holder of PhD thesis on the exegesis of the Qur’an (Tafsir), gives a very short and shocking example which, however, perfectly summarizes our thought:

“..in the Star wars film we have the invader communicating through their minds, right, well this is an idea portrayed in the film but the idea is not ridiculous; it is possible that God’s revelation to his prophet was a sort of mental communication of this kind..”


The idea that the revelations in the Quran were received from extraterrestrial beings is a thought-provoking one we know, that challenges traditional religious beliefs.

Yet, while this hypothesis may be difficult to accept for many people, it offers an interesting perspective on the origins of the Quran and the true nature of the divine.

Was “God” communication to Muhammad alien in nature?


5.Exotheology and alien life: Unanswered questions

One question among all:

What if Michael Shermer was right? What if really, any sufficiently advanced extraterrestrial Intelligence is indistinguishable from God?

The idea of extraterrestrial life and their possible visitations to Earth has been a topic of fascination and speculation for centuries. We believe that extraterrestrial beings have played a role in shaping religious beliefs and that the concept of angels in various religions could be attributed to their visitations.

Series: Exotheology and Alien Life


Exotheology and Alien Life

Signatures of Alien Technology Could Be How Humanity First Finds Extraterrestrial Life — Nextgov


We also believe this idea should not be dismissed as mere science fiction but rather examined in the context of religion and spirituality. The possibility that any sufficiently advanced extraterrestrial intelligence is indistinguishable from God raises intriguing questions about the nature of divinity, the universe and the real nature of our reality.

Why does the Qur’an knows the solar system and contains advanced scientific and astronomical information way beyond the reach of a medieval theologian?

Why does the Qur’an seem to be open to extraterrestrial hypotheses starting from the very first surah, the Al-Fatihah?

Our hypothesis is that Muhammad received these ‘revelations’ not from God but from a member (Gabriel) of a very ancient extraterrestrial civilization, the same one indicated in the Bible by the name Elohim.

Was Gabriel one of the ancient aliens?


“The universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.” — J.B.S. Haldane



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