eXpanded Mission

A long time brewing collection of UFO sightings that have been forcibly contained by authorities and cloaked from the public eye has finally erupted into the mainstream media and news outlets in 2021 with a bang.

The individuals who patrol and explore our skies the most, US Airforce pilots, have collected so many sightings that the US government could no longer continue keeping them in the dark.

While these reported (and recorded) encounters have not been officially declared as extraterrestrial, we are certain that (at least some of them) have to be alien vehicles and that the US government is just releasing the revelation gradually to avoid possible panic and havoc amidst the global population.


Upon hearing this news, some have stubbornly refused to accept the inevitable and are going on to cling to any explanation that does not include aliens, for as weak and vacuous as they might be. Others, like us, see it as an extremely solid piece that goes to add clarity to the puzzle of alien existence and intervention into human history. This puzzle is much broader than most people imagine. Alien beings with human-like appearances have visited our planet in the remote and recent past and now it turns out that they continue to pay us a visit or have never left.

This recent astonishing news propelled us to release to the public a series of information from several domains that both corroborate the existence of aliens behind these sightings and even more importantly reveal when, how, and why they have been influencing the course of our history. We will in effect support and enrich the Ancient Astronauts theory.

By combining our respective areas of expertise and interest, we will publish articles in this platform, some in the form of academic papers. The depth and precision of our content will be a crucial differentiating element compared to other platforms, groups or authors in this space.


Our articles will be dealing with the following domains: 

  • UFOs / UAP
  • OOPArt (Out Of Place Artefacts)
  • Quantum physics 
  • Astronomy 
  • Genetics 
  • History 
  • Cosmology 
  • Anthropology
  • Bible
  • Sacred books
  • Religion
  • Aliens
  • Elohim
  • Technology of ancient gods
  • Ancient Past
  • Heroes
  • Evolution



Homo Sapiens, where do you come from? 

Within the context of such large array of domains, the peculiarity of our work will be characterized by deep research while a broad perspective will be maintained throughout the journey. The nature and fascination of the universe will be an area of focus for us. The study of context and reference frame of all life – the universe – is crucial to unveil modern or ancient mysteries. Interpreting our reality is instrumental to break through our current humanity’s self limiting beliefs and comprehend what is truly possible. Actions, powers, travels and much more still deemed impossible (think about time travel, superluminal travel, teleportation etc.) could easily go from being impossible to possible. 

As researchers who dare to challenge the establishment and do not follow imposed guidelines by the mainstream, we have found shocking overlap among human genesis, aliens and the spiritual religious teachings of different cultures around the world. 

It all started with a feeling that something was missing when considering the two most popular narratives and theories that are competing for attention in our modern era: on one side obsessed Darwinians obtusely preach that human evolution is explained by the mere interaction between man (Homo) and the environment; on the other side religious establishments naively profess that everything (man included) was created by God.

Expanded mission

Holes, doubts and questions are still pending regarding the mystery of human origins. The truth is that no one in the world can claim with certainty to date the ways and processes of how Homo Sapiens appeared on Earth. We feel that by introducing the alien intervention in the equation, everything becomes much more sensible. By coming together and all fitting in a unique narrative, humans, cosmos (as in both universe and nature), aliens and religion incredibly match and form a proper, logical and spectacular story. 

We therefore propose interventionism as the theory that validates our origin. We affirm that the Homo species was having his natural evolution on planet Earth when higher intelligences intervened in multiple instances on his natural evolutionary process transforming him gradually into us, sapiens. We can assure you that this theory is much more coherent than those proposed by radical evolutionism or by theologies, although to know this incredibly fascinating story you will have to wait for the upcoming articles on the “genetics” section. 

These superior intelligent beings were the ancient gods that all myths have always told us: the biblical Elohim, the Sumerian Anunnaki, the best known classical Greek deities, the Indian Devas and so on. They were not myths, but rather history. We have simply turned a blind eye until now. 

In our universe, we will also consider a second type of eXtraHuman civilizations that occupied Earth: the antediluvian populations. 

No matter what we will be covering, the underlying theme is the same: stories, facts, insights will be extraordinary and will have to do with extraterrestrial events, influences and beings. In those stories, humans or human-like beings will be the protagonists. Through our unveiling of hidden and forbidden events, we want to elevate you to the role of extraordinary humans. 

Follow us in a marvelous, inspiring, revealing journey across time and space and learn with us the role of aliens in our history, the stories behind heroes and gods, what the reality is truly about and so much more. 

Non est ad astra mollis e terris via

(There is no easy way from earth to the stars) 

Lucio Anneo Seneca