Our Writing Style

As we have explained in the eXpanded Mission, we will work hard to convey our ideas and thoughts, research details and information necessary to solidify our theories, and create a fluid narrative that touches such a vast number of topics.

For this reason, our publishing frequency will not be elevated.


Also, our approach to writing articles will tend to be in the style and length reminiscent of academic papers by professional distortion. Not all articles will need to be long form ones, but several will be. As we do not want to make each article too heavy to digest, we will split them in digestible sections.

This is what you can expect from us by following our eXtraHumans journey:

  • Publishing style: Long form articles combined with short form articles. Articles exceeding 2500 words will be split in different parts and published one a week until the article will be published in its entirety.


  • Publishing frequency: Distinct articles will be published every 21 days and different sections of the same article will be published every 7 days. It will always be a Friday.


  • Publishing strategy: Despite the large variety of topics that will be handled, we are planning to write and release articles by following a logical and consequential flow, at least to a minimum extent. A “fil rouge” or common thread will link all articles and as the number of published articles will grow, the number of interconnections will increase proportionally. You will be able to follow our journey in a chronological order from the page Our Journey.